Tooth Extractions

Dr. Shoop makes every effort to preserve damaged teeth. He utilizes crowns, root canals, and other treatments to save teeth from infection, decay, and trauma. However, sometimes a tooth just has to go for the sake of your health. In these instances, we provide comfortable and prompt tooth extractions at Shoop Dentistry.

Your comfort and satisfaction are the main priorities for Dr. Shoop and his hygienists. This is why they are always gentle and sure to use sufficient anesthetic. Our professional team often has your damaged tooth removed before the patient even realizes it.

Dr. Shoop also offers a number of tooth replacement options. These possibilities include natural-appearing dental implants, bridges, and full or partial dentures. He is always happy to discuss your options and make recommendations on replacing your extracted tooth.

You can reach us at (253) 946-3575. Please call now for an appointment or more information.