Our Office

Technology meets comfort and the human touch at Shoop Dentistry, where we offer a large variety of dental solutions for patients of all ages – from 1 to 101.


Dr. Shoop loves technology and is excited about the ability to show his patients pictures of their teeth.  He utilizes a small intraoral camera outfitted in each treatment room with a large TV screen mounted in front of you.  He likes to utilize pictures and digital X-rays of your teeth in order to show and explain the reasoning behind his recommendations, such as fillings or crowns. Sometimes he even takes pictures mid-procedure to illustrate your treatment progress or what tooth decay looks like. He will even provide images of the final restoration to show you how beautiful and healthy your tooth is now!  We also utilize an intraoral scanner to take impressions of teeth – no more goo!


Our longstanding team is dedicated to your comfort. Of course, we are always as gentle as possible during any treatment or procedure. We also provide numerous amenities to ensure a comfortable dental experience and your relaxation, including free Wi-Fi, blankets, pillows, and access to TVs.

Experience our pleasant, friendly office for yourself! Make an appointment now by calling (253) 946-3575