Full And Partial Dentures


If you wear dentures, you realize how important they are. You simply cannot live without them since eating and speaking would be nearly impossible. But your dentures must fit precisely to be comfortable, and many denture-wearers suffer from slippage, poor fit, or even painful dentures.

We can help with all of these problems at Shoop Dentistry. Whether you need full or partial dentures, Dr. Shoop provides fast, quality service. He can fabricate a set of new dentures for you that fit great and are comfortable in your mouth. We even offer implant-retained partial or full dentures for an assured secure fit.

Shoop Dentistry is a dental practice that specializes in providing immediate dentures to patients, meaning removing teeth and having dentures placed same day. Dr. Shoop and his team understand the importance of restoring a patient’s smile as quickly and comfortably as possible. Immediate dentures are a popular option for patients who need to have their teeth extracted and do not want to wait for a traditional denture to be made.

Don’t wait months to get a set of high-quality dentures. Dr. Shoop offers his patients immediate service. Schedule your appointment now by calling (253) 946-3575.

man holding bottom set of dentures