Teeth Whitening

Many people want whiter, brighter teeth, and it is no surprise when you consider how heavily certain foods and drinks can darken teeth. Even some medications have been known to contribute to yellowing those former pearly whites. Those patients who do not consume coffee or tea may still suffer from less-than-gleaming teeth from foods like berries or chocolate.

Unfortunately, “grocery store” whitening products often fail to produce the promised results. If you are looking for a brighter smile, your best choices are the professional-strength whitening products only available to dentists like Dr. Shoop.

Shoop Dentistry has take-home whitening trays that you can use to bleach your teeth at your convenience in complete privacy and comfort. These trays will help you get your teeth noticeably whiter, quickly. Best of all, you will be using them under the professional advice and guidance of Dr. Shoop.

Learn more about the teeth bleaching options at Shoop Dentistry. Simply dial (253) 946-3575 now.

woman smiling showing before and after of teeth whitening.