Dr. Shoop wants you to keep your natural teeth whenever possible. A crown is one way that we may be able to preserve your tooth. Crowns cover a tooth, providing protection and reinforcement when the tooth is weakened from decay or trauma. Furthermore, a crown may prevent the need for more costly and uncomfortable procedures such as a root canal or extraction.

Not only will a crown strengthen your tooth, but these restorations also improve the appearance of damaged teeth. A tooth that is cracked or full of fillings can be unattractive. Modern crowns look very natural and will hide damage and imperfections in your natural teeth.

Dr. Shoop uses photographs and x-rays at Shoop Dentistry to patiently explain why crowns are needed in certain situations. He will also take the time to illustrate the restoration process, even taking pictures mid-procedure and after completing the restorations so that you can appreciate your new smile!

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illustration of a dental crown going over a tooth