Advanced Technologies

3D X-rays CBCT

Cone Beam Computer Topography, or ‘CBCT’, is a 3D X-ray that allows us to view teeth and bone in every direction. These images have become the gold standard in our office because they allow for the best outcomes with dental implants, wisdom tooth removal, and in some instances diagnosing and aiding in root canal therapy.

As ‘Best Dentist’ in Federal Way, we are proud to use the latest generation of intraoral scanners for ‘goo-free’ models and dental impressions. These digital scans are quicker and more accurate than the old traditional goo in the mouth impression trays and provide for a more perfect fitting crown or restoration.

We also utilize top of the line intraoral imaging via digital X-rays and intraoral photography. We frequently display these pictures and X-rays on a large screen so our patients can see what we see.

We also use state of the art electric handpieces which are much quieter than normal air driven dental handpieces.